FANDOM Rebirth System. Edit

Highexp's rebirth system are equal to most servers leveling system. Whenever you rebirth, you advance in power.

It also opens up many new features you can enjoy. Just like more levels in any other OT would. (example: New Quests and spells).

And make sure you're promoted. Simply write !promotion to recieve the first promotion. Else it wont work.

 Note:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                '     '     ' Whenever you complete an rebirth, you will start from level 8 again. Like an repetitive process to advance. You will advance in power even though you're level 8 again.                       You can track your rebirth by clicking on yourself with both mouse buttons or say !level.

How do I rebirth ? Edit

Step 1)Edit

First of all, you need maximum level. There're leveling stages at some certain Rebirth. For exampe, at rebirth 0, maximum level will be around 717,000.

And at rebirth 1200, maximum level will be 4,000,000.

Step 2)Edit

There are 2 ways to rebirth when you're maximum levels. Between 0-799 rebirths, you can simply type !rebirth to access the rebirth-code.   (If you're below rebirt'h 800, move to step 4).

If you're above 800, you need to find a Rebirth NPC. The most common one would be the one in Temple. But they exist elsewhere.             

Step 3)Edit

This is how a player and the Rebirth NPC looks like. Player: Hi

Rebirth NPC: Hello Playe'r. Im in charge of the 'rebirth' system.

Player: rebirth

Rebirth NPC: Please type the CAPTCHA which appears for you in the pop-up box!


            You can still access the rebirth window by writing to an Rebirth NPC or typing !rebirth. But you cannot make an rebirth.

Step 4)Edit

When you've done the 2-3 steps (depending on your rebirth) a window will appear with a CAPTCHA code. (I personally call it the "rebirth-code").

In this case, you'll simple write !rebirth BSL to make an rebirth.

Have in mind that every code is different. And players below 800 can also talk to an Rebirth NPC to make an rebirth.

Congratulations! You've made 1 rebirth.